Blair Bitch Leather Corset




Blair Bitch Leather Corset


Important Sizing Information: This sizing on this corset is by waist measurement.  It should be ordered 4-5 inches below your natural waist measurement. For example, a person whose natural waist size is 38 inches could order a corset of size 34.

We call this the Blair Bitch Corset, because once you enter this neck of the woods, you never know if you’re flirting with danger or acting out a fantasy. But that’s what makes this provocative piece of theatre all the more fun to wear (and honestly, who doesn’t like to play the bitch now and then?)

Buckle up this black leather corset with the accommodating hook-and-eye front closure and impudent lace-up back and you’ll be ready for primetime, playtime or a restraining order.

The conveniently adjustable halter-strap buckled collar is guaranteed to turn any intelligent, clear-eyed male into your slack-jawed minion. Plus, detachable garters provide the perfect diversion, so he won’t even be aware that his mind has turned to mush.

Please Note: Cinderella Petticoat, Shaper Skirt, Thigh High Stockings and Black Patent Stiletto Pumps sold separately.


Our steel boned corsets are lined with 100% cotton twill for strength and durability. We’ve used precision-made high-density German steel boning – 8 spiral steel bones and 4 hard steel bones. The combination of spiral steel and hard steel has been refined over years to allow maximum movement with a great deal of “waist reduction”.

The front of the corset is a 12″ long heavy duty steel busk (another way of saying “front fastener”). The busk is also made in Germany and specially coated to give it a longer life span and increase its strength. The steel itself is high density and provides a greater level of rigidity than other types of lighter weight busks that look the same, but aren’t as strong.

The back laces up with strong nylon lacing. And to add another measure of support to the brilliant construction, there’s an optional “modesty panel” , so on the off chance you decide not to expose too much skin under the lacings it can be pulled out and over the fastenings for a little more coverage. We love to see the curves of a beautiful back but we also know that you love to have options, so you can choose: to cover…or not to cover.

Our corsets also features six sewn-in garter loops made for wide-width garters, and two sewn-in loops at the top for detachable halter straps. The halter straps and garter straps are not included, but may be purchased separately, along with thigh-high stockings, petticoats or bloomers.

Corset Wear:

Please note: When trying on a steel boned corset, we recommend wearing a thin camisole or t-shirt underneath to prevent marks from deodorant, make-up and lotions. Corsets returned with water, lotion, make-up or deodorant marks will be refused.
  • If you plan on wearing garters with your corset, hook them on first.
  • Unlace the back of the corset. Loosen the laces as much as you can so you can wrap the corset around your body.
  • Wrap the corset around your body and fasten the busk (this may take some practice!)
  • Gradually tighten the laces
Our steel boned corsets are constructed with metal boning. To prevent rust and water marking we recommend dry cleaning only.


Petticoat, Stockings and Extra-Wide Garters sold separately.


Waist Size Corset Size to Order

How To Take A Waist Measurement: Measure around the narrowest part of your waist.   Keep the tape snug, but don’t pull tight.  Always measure 2-3 times for accuracy.